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Alternating Pump & Pad System APP101

The APP101 features a new bubble-style pad that is designed to prevent and treat pressure ulcers. It is constructed to uphold the Medicare standard and assist in achieving a good night's rest. The unique design of this bubble pad allows for more contact points offering a superior therapeutic effect with features such as:

  • The pad inflates to be 78" x 34" x 2½" which allows it to easily fit over most frames and mattresses.
  • The system alternates inflating and deflating cells in a patterned full cycle between 5 to 6 minutes depending on the selected settings.
  • Heavy duty, 11 gauge bubble textured PVC construction.
  • Tuffcare's pumps are built to operate quietly so as to not disturb anyone's sleep.
  • Pump's dimensions are 8" x4" x 3".
  • Weight capacity up to 350 pounds.

Product Specifications