Below are several reasons why Tuffcare has been in business for so long. It is simply due to the fact that we are in business for you to help grow your business and provide you our dealers with the best quality made products and services.


Tuffcare maintains a well trained and professional staff to help better serve our customers. We’ve always felt that providing service is the best remedy to cure the common mistakes our competitors make. At Tuffcare, we make personalize service our number one priority. Ask a question


With our head office located in Anaheim California, a distribution center recently opened in Northern California and a east coast distribution center, Tuffcare has been able to successfully improve distribution of our products to our customers by reducing shipping time as well as shipping cost. Additionally, Tuffcare is continually adding more distributors all over the United States to make our products more accessible to our customers. Ask a question


Being the leading player in the field of home health care products, not only do we manufacture our line of Tuffcare products, we work with the largest orders as well as the smallest order. We understand how hard it can be to custom order just one piece of product but do call Tuffcare, we promise to listen to your problems and work hard at getting a solution for your client. There’s not job too small or too large. Request a quote


With offices overseas in place, Tuffcare will help provide maximum logistics support for all your export orders. We even will go as far as helping you with your export documentation and preparation. Ask our export department