Power Mobility

Challenger Pediatric 1000

The Challenger Pediatric 1000 is a power chair that is designed with custom components to provide the highest grade of comfort and reliability to younger patients. Its control system is straightforward to use and requires minimal maintenance. It utilizes premium high tech direct drive motors to reduce energy consumption, provide a smooth ride, and offer a small turning radius; perfect for indoor use. Its chrome plated frame is sturdy, easy to fold, and has detachable armrests. The Pediatric 1000's 20" x 2⅛" aluminum cast rear wheels have pneumatic tires with puncture resistant tubes alongside its front 8" x 2" air foam wheels. Maneuver your daily life effortlessly with features such as:

  • A programmable integrated electronic controller with an energy efficient right angle gear motor.
  • Double embossed upholstery is fully padded including both the armrests and the calf pads.
  • Your choice of swing away 90° foot rests or leg rests work alongside the swing back arms for easy loading and unloading of the user.
  • Both leg rests and foot rests come with roller bumpers to protect against scratches from accidental collision with walls.
  • Ensures your safety with an included seatbelt and rear anti-tippers to provide a stable and secure experience.
  • Comes with an automatic 5 amp charger for speedy recharging.
  • Weight capacity of 280 pounds.

Product Specifications