Compact Pediatric Light 997

The Compact Pediatric Light 997 wheelchair is charming and lightweight. It is the number one choice for parents who want their precious children to have a sturdy seat for the safest experience. The 997 boasts quite a number of adjustable components and safety features such as:

  • A growth adjustable frame that ranges from 12" wide to 16" wide.
  • Wrap around, swing back arms complete with padded armrests.
  • Dual rear axle positions allow the seat height to be adjusted.
  • Adjustable toggle wheel locks ensure transfers are secure and safe.
  • Detachable foot/leg rests that swing away for convenient user loading, unloading, and storage
  • Durable foot plates and side panels are made out of impact resistant composite.
  • Height adjustable front caster forks, height adjustable backrest, and length adjustable footrests work together to maximize comfort.
  • Padded nylon upholstery is breathable to ensure pleasant long periods of use.
  • 20" x 1" Rear axles and 6" x 1" front casters to maximize stability.

Product Specifications