Tilt-in-Space 456/457

These premium wheelchairs are designed to offer the ultimate comfort and security backed by a high-strength all-aluminum frame. Both models are able to have the seat tilted upwards by an assistant in order to relieve fatigue, prevent pressure ulcers, and effortlessly change your posture. They sport a fully padded backrest and complete the experience with calf pads, footrests, and an adjustable headrest. However, these wheelchairs have many more features aimed at both user and caregiver alike, such as:

  • Quick Release rear axle allows for speedy rear wheel swaps between a smaller 12" x 1⅜" and larger 24" x 1⅜".
  • Smaller rear wheels are convenient and more maneuverable for a caregiver while larger wheels provide ample grip for self-propulsion.
  • Multi-angle adjustable seating system that doesn't require any tools.
  • Padded back bars allow a caregiver or an assistant to easily push these wheelchairs around.
  • Padded anti-bacterial elastic upholstery with padded armrests and calf pads.
  • Adjustable height armrests can be detached if preferred.
  • Comes with rear anti-tippers and an adjustable back height to further guarantee your comfort.
  • Adjustable position toggle wheel locks.
  • Swing away detachable leg rests for easy loading, unloading, and storage.
  • Secure hold-down loops make storage and transportation safer by adding additional ways to keep the wheelchair in place.
  • Impact-resistant composite footplates are adjustable in length to meet your needs.
  • Large 8" x 2" front casters with lightweight polyurethane wheels to create a smooth operating experience.
  • Weight limit of the 18" model is 280 pounds, 20" model has a limit of 310 pounds.

Operation Manual