Patient Lifter

Economy Patient Lifter Scale PSTW10

The PSTW10 is a digital scale that attaches between the lifting arm and the spreader bar. Once installed, the LPW10 allows for effortless measuring of the patient's weight with features such as:

  • An incredibly simple 3-button interface that can show results in either pounds or kilograms.
  • Includes both a zeroing function and a tare function for accurate weight measuring.
  • Saves power by automatically turning off after 5 minutes of no new inputs or stimuli.
  • The time it takes for the unit to go into sleep mode and the time it takes to completely shut off can both be adjusted.
  • The brightness level can be adjusted to suit the user's environment and needs.
  • Universally compatible, comes with a universal installation kit to fit all Tuffcare lifts and most other patient lift models*.
  • The PSTW10 has a weight capacity of up to 660 pounds.

*Compatible only with lifts that feature a lifting arm, also known as a boom, and a spreader bar. For example this scale is NOT compatible with any Stand-Up Lifts as they have neither a boom or a spreader bar

Operation Manual