Power Mobility

Institutional Scooter 4350

The Institutional Scooter 4350 is designed for institutional use or as a rental as it is durable, high performance, and energy efficient. Its heavy duty structure makes it a perfect match for rental and institutional use as is designed to be easy to use and require minimal maintenance. A robust maximum range of 25 miles* is possible thanks to being engineered to be as efficient as possible. It utilizes a high power direct drive transaxle system to help achieve its low energy consumption and provide a smooth ride. All of the 4350's pneumatic wheels are equipped with puncture resistant tubes to ensure the scooter's longevity. Its rechargeable battery has a long lifetime to enjoy features such as:

  • A solid state, 24v controller provides all the functions you need to fully enjoy cruising around.
  • Highly efficient, one horsepower permanent magnet motor boasts high torque with a max speed of 5.2 MPH*.
  • Padded swivel seat with back comes with swing back, adjustable padded armrests.
  • Width between armrests is adjustable between 17" and 24" to accommodate a broad range of users.
  • Sensor switch safety feature only allows scooter to operate when someone is sitting in its chair.
  • One piece frame design is perfect for institutional use as there is no need to disassemble for transportation.
  • Comes equipped with rear anti-tippers to ensure the user's safety at all times of operation.
  • An attachable wire basket is included to store all your personal accessories and daily necessities while out and about.
  • Fast charging on board automatic 3 amp charger.
  • Weight capacity of 280 pounds.

*These may vary with load weight, battery power, terrain characteristics, tire pressure, or other conditions.

Product Specifications