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Low Air Loss Pump & Mattress System ATM932

Our ATM932 is the perfect bariatric mattress for supporting immobile patients. The ATM932 replaces a standard mattress and with its Lateral Rotation Therapy feature it reduces the risk of pulmonary complications for patients who are immobile by adjusting their position for them. The turning system helps control pressure, moisture, friction, and shearing forces. Shifting the patients position keeps these forces spread out and varied. This prevents and treats stages I-IV of pressure sore ulcers, which are further improved by features such as:

  • Able to be run static or be programmed to turn left, right, or in both directions.
  • Has turning angle settings of ¾, ½, and ¼.
  • Cycle time can be set between 4 modes of 10, 20, 30, or 60 minutes.
  • Firmness adjustments allows for a patient's specific comfort needs to be met with ease.
  • Power failure alarm alerts caregiver of a power outage to maximize response time.
  • Air pump can function quietly for many hours as to not disturb anyone's sleep.
  • Pump is able to be locked to ensure the chosen settings are not changed.
  • Buckle down top cover is easily removed and is machine washable.
  • Weight Capacities: 36"- 350 pounds, 42"- 600 pounds, 48"- 800 pounds, 54" & 60"- 1,000 pounds.

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