Patient Lifter

Sit to Stand Buttock Strap P147

The Sit to Stand Buttock Strap P147 is a supplementary sling for stand-up lifts. This sling is compatible with any stand-up lift that has a lifting arm. This sling comes in one size and features:

  • Designed to be placed under patient after they are already elevated during a lift in order to provide additional support.
  • Made out of 100% polyester with a soft plush lining to provide a comfortable and secure experience.
  • Middle layer of sling is padded while the outer layer is reinforced in order to better carry weight.
  • Machine washable and can be air dried at low temperatures; refer to sling label for washing instructions.
  • The P147 has weight capacity of up to 450lb.

The P147 is designed to be used alongside the Standing Sling P141 and other similar slings like it to provide additional support. Perfect for users who want or need the extra stability and security during a transfer.

P147 Specs

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