Patient Lifter

Bariatric Patient Lifter Rhino P655

The P655 bariatric patient lifters are built out of durable carbon steel; their high-stress areas have been reinforced to maximize their safety and durability; allowing for a higher weight capacity. Accommodates all types of slings and features:
  • An electronic system with a high-capacity battery; includes an emergency lowering button.
  • A low profile base with 4½" clearance.
  • Twin 3" front casters provide increased stability and traction while 5" locking rear casters provide superior control and steering.
  • Full travel height allows for higher surface-to-surface transfers than most models.
  • Detachable rechargeable battery pack for easy battery swaps if the unit is mission-critical.
  • Available with either a fully electric base or a foot pedal manual base
  • Base can be effortlessly manipulated without bending over and fiddling with levers.
  • Weight capacity of up to 650 pounds.
Operation Manual