Slings & Accessories

Our Products

Walk Assist Sling P176 – 178

Economy Patient Lifter Scale PSTW10

Universal Toileting Sling P161-163

Deluxe Patient Lifter Scale PSTW05

Mesh Full Body Shower/Bath Sling with Commode Opening P120-123

Full Body Sling P110-113

Hip Lift Sling P165-168

Sit to Stand Buttock Strap P147

External Charger PCTW03

Universal Sling with Headrest P135-138

Transport Sling for Stand-Up Lift P152-153

External Charger LICHJ2

Universal Sling P130-133

Standing Sling for Stand-Up Lift P140-143

Universal Mesh Shower/Bath Sling with Headrest P170-173

Heavy Duty Sling P18

Transfer Board T17